** The pictures taken at the September Trial at Hadley Point in Bar Harbor are available in the gallery Bar Harbor 09/2020. If you see yourself in some of these, know there are probably more later in the gallery.

For general information, please feel free to email me at any time! If you would like to take a photo shoot of a specific run at a trial I will be attending, feel free to review the Services tab and send me an email to see if I will be at that venue also. If you are not sure which size of a digital image to purchase, you might review the Buying Guide for some considerations.

But - Would you like to replace the background of your favorite picture? Or perhaps like the shirt you are wearing to be a different color to enhance the surroundings? Or the color of a tunnel, or a fence is too bright or dull? Maybe you like a certain picture but would like to get in closer - or a bit further out? Just send me an email using the 'Contact' tab and let's see what we can do...