Photography Services Provided

As an Agility Photographer I provide two ways one can get pictures of themselves and their dog during a fun run or a trial:

  • I will follow a selected trial run during an event, or perhaps a fun run, taking pictures of the run to be mailed on a CD afterward. Additionally,
  • I will take pictures during an event and post these online, and these can be purchased individually as images or prints from

Each of these options is explained more fully below:

Multiple Photos of Individual Trial Runs

Have your run photographed and all photos taken, carefully post-processed, sent to your home on a CD for the following prices:

  • $ 15.00 Will photograph the run you select.
  • $ 20.00 Any two runs that you choose.
  • $ 25.00 All runs for the day.

Add $ 1.50 shipping to any order.

If you would like me to follow a run, I would need your contact information. I will then provide a copy for your receipt and keep the original for mailing of the processed photographs - Take my business card so you will have my personal contact information.

All pictures for any runs photographed will be mailed to your home on a CD. These are screen and wallet reacy (72 dpi). High resolution quality prints for any pictures taken during a run (as opposed to online) are available by emailing me with the photo number of the image(s) you select, which displays when you view an image, and the size of the pictures you would like.

Individual Photographs or Prints

I typically take pictures of runs randomly during a trial or fun run, and these are post-processed and uploaded to under the menu item Galleries, and then by location, month/year and type of event which took place. You might find a picture you like, and can order a photograph or a print by clicking on the cart icon on the image or in the slideshow which appears if you click the image itself. You can pay for selected prints and images with a credit card, or alternatively PayPal if you choose. You will receive order confirmation and be directed to a download page for your images. I will simultaneously be notified to prepare a print of the size you have ordered. All prints are made on Epson Ultra Premium Luster paper and mailed directly to the mailing address provided with your order. This is excellent photo paper - neither glossy and reflective, nor the more heavy and dull paper like the matte variety.

I can always be reached with the contact form online or, if you prefer, by calling me at 207-285-7241


Phil Bennett